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The Reality Overload by Annie Le Brun, reviewed by Allan Graubard
The Demon's Sermon
by Issai Chozanshu,
reviewed by Lu Bianco
The Pearl Jacket,
trans.& ed. Shuhua Qi,
reviewed by Erna Picard
The Gift from Berlin by
Lucette ter Borg,
reviewed by Linda Rogers
Sunday Menu
by Pham Thi Hoai,
reviewed by Frances Cabahug
In Search of the Miraculous by Eliza Dallan, reviewed by Apis Teicher
by George Whipple
, reviewed by Sheila Martindale
Rain; road; an open boat by Roo Borson, reviewed by Yvonne Blomer
The Collected Poems of Patrick Lane, reviewed by Hilary Turner
Demeter Goes Skydiving by Susan McCaslin, reviewed by Yvonne Blomer
Past Imperfect, Present Tense by Derk Wynand, reviewed by Hannah Main - van der Kamp
Border Songs by Sam Hamill, reviewed by Peter McDonald
Other Flowers by James Schuyler, reviewed by Richard Wirick
Faithful and Virtuous Night by Louise Glück, reviewed by Linda Rogers
On Time by Joanne Kyger, reviewed by Trevor Carolan
Those Goddawful Streets of Man by Stephen Bett, reviewed by Richard Stevenson
Selected Poems of Kim Sakkat, trans. by Kevin O'Rourke, reviewed by Trevor Carolan
The Collected Poems of Lenore Kandel, reviewed by Judith Roche
The Poetry Deal by Diane di Prima, reviewed by klipschutz
Ring of Bone by Lew Welch, reviewed by Colin James Sanders
And tell the tulip summer by Allen Graubard, reviewed by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright
The Big Thirst by Jim Christy, reviewed by Ryan Pastorchik
The Voice is All by Joyce Johnson, reviewed by Carol Sokoloff